Hamac Cazíim


Hamac Cazíim tells the story of punk rock musicians from a native tribe called the Seri nation, or Comcáac, who are using music to maintain their ancestral language and culture despite a long history of colonialists, missionaries, and modernization.

The Comcáac are a nomadic people who live in a place of mystic beauty along the Gulf of California, where the mountains meet the desert meet the sea. Despite this isolation, our world's modernization—and our extinction of sacred animals—threaten their indigenous identity. To fight against these dangers, the band Hamac Cazíim was formed.

Converging these themes of music, tribes, and endangered species, the film delivers a tuneful meditation on the universal challenge to preserve native heritage, and the power of music to stage that fight.

The film went on to become an official selection at the Red Nation, Chicago International Movies & Music, Ruby Mountain, and Native American Indian Film Festival of the Southeast in the United States, and the Indianer Inuit: Das Nordamerika Filmfestival in Stuttgart, Germany.

The trailer: